Razia Sultana is a researcher, human rights activist and educator specialising in trauma, mass rape, and trafficking of Rohingya girls and women. She is a recipient of the US State Department's  International Women of Courage Award. 

We invited Razia Sultana to submit some of her own images in support of the competition and to help build awareness. These do not form part of the competition. 

"This picture is of my volunteers. The basic message is strength through unity. How to make our society strong by being united."

"This is a session in our camp. This was a 2-day awareness program on child marriage.  How to stop it and the harmful aspects of it."

"This baby belongs to a woman called Hasina, a victim from Tula Toli. She was the first person  I interviewed from Tula Toli about rape. When i researched "Rape by Command" I met her again.  I saw the baby and she asked me to name the child. I named her Tuli."

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