Here are the results of the Rohingya Photography Competition Ramadan 2022 Competition. 

Rohingya refugee man in prayer by Haider Ali

The Golam Subhahan First prize goes to Haider Ali for his  powerful portrait of a man deep in prayer in his sparsely furnished shack.  A prayer of hope, for renewal of hope and a prayer of thanksgiving  in the challenging circumstances faced by Rohingya refugees.  
The prize is named after Golam Subhahan, a man in his 70s who dutifully performs Al-Wida (to alert observants to rise and eat the pre-dawn meal) year after year in the refugee camps of Bangladesh. The prize is 5000 tk. 

Spotting the new moon by Sahat Zia Hero

The second prize recipient is Sahat Zia Hero for a photograph of children joyously pointing out the new moon around dusk the day before Eid. The location, a fortified embankment in Camp 8E,  hints at the fragility and uncertainty of refugee life. The children’s  innocence is overwhelming and their joy unbounded. The prize is 3000 taka

Open air Iftar by Abul Kalam

Third prize is awarded to Abul Kalam for a scene of  prayer before breaking fast. Rows of observants are waiting patiently to end their fast. This is forbearance and struggle, and it characterises the daily life of Rohingya refugees.  The prize is 2000 taka. 
Special Mentions

The following photographers will be included in a special Ramadan/Eid Doc Sabba issue along with the Golam Subhahan First prize,  the Second and Third Prize winners. The prize for each special mention is 500 taka. 
The special mentions (in no particular order) are Arfat Maung Hla Myint, Md Jamal, Mohammed Zonaid, Mohammed Hossain, Noor Hassan, Abdullah & A F Anwar. 

Mother praying by Noor Hassan

Little girl reading by Md. Jamal

Children dress up for Eid by Mohammed Hossain

Making Lura Fira by Mohammed Zonaid

The night of Laylatul Qadr by Arfat Maung Hla Myint

Eidgah decoration by Abudllah

Hand-operated Dolain or Ferris wheel by A F Anwar

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