Rohingya human rights activist and founder of Rohingya Women Development Network (RWDN), Sharifah fled Myanmar when she was a child and was trafficked to Malaysia.  
We invited Sharifah to submit some of her own images in support of the competition and to help build awareness. These do not form part of the competition.

From morning to afternoon these children go with their parents to help collect  scrap for a living.

"These are Rohingya refugee children I work with in Malaysia. These children remind me of my childhood life - which is living in the same world as the rest of the children, yet being treated very differently by everyone.
Rohingya people's rights as humans were confiscated as soon as they were born and they are unwanted by the world. These children asked nothing but a dream of education like other children, they dream to live a normal life like others, they dream to be considered a normal human being, they dream of love and acceptance as whom they are, they dream to call a place home. 
This is the house the kids live in with their parents, the vehicle in front of the house is used to collect scrap metals and and recycle items to survive as refugees are not allowed to work legally in Malaysia."
"What is amazing is that these Rohingya children live in very challenging circumstances and have suffered so much, and yet they don't give up.  They find happiness in every small thing they have and they hope for a better day each day. They have nothing but strength and resilience. They are incredible."
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