1. Who can take part? 
All Rohingya
2. Can non-Rohingya take part?
Yes but your entry will not be in competition. We may show your photos on our website and social media.
3. Is there a prize?
Yes. three Prizes. First, second and third. 
4. How can I win?
Submit an entry via WhatsApp or Twitter or FaceBook
5. What are the rules?
If the photograph is yours - you can submit it. 
If the photograph is not yours - you cannot submit.  PLEASE DO NOT overprint  your photo with your name or any other message. 
Your photo can be from 2016 to the present day.  
6. You need to tell us your full Name and contact number. If submitting via Facebook, we will message you for the phone number. 
7. You need to keep the original photo on your phone/camera so that if we need to check, we can. 
8. Please be responsible and respectful to people you are photographing. Please do not give cause for offence. 
9. Photographs will not be accepted after the deadline. 
10. We reserve the right to cancel any entry or disqualify the entrant. 
The organiser’s decision is final.  No explanation will be provided. 
11, What kind of photographs?
Your photo should cover the theme of Rohingya life or the response to Covid19.  Your photo may be a portrait, a landscape, still life, whatever - so long as it describes either Rohingya life or the response  to Coronavirus (with reference to Rohingya).
12. How many photos can i submit?
Maximum of 4 PER MONTH ( maximum of 20) . UPDATE 20 MAY 2020. THIS RULE IS RELAXED AS PEOPLE WISH TO REPORT ON DAILY HAPPENINGS.   We encourage you to submit photographs every month until August. 
13. Who will judge the photographs?
The Judge(s) will be announced in due course. UPDATE 20 MAY 2020: Liza Boschin is the Competition Judge. 
14. Where will the photos be shown?
University of Ottawa, Canada, Oxford Human Rights Group, Oxford, UK., Dhaka Tribune, Social Media and other places 
15. Will you sell our photos?
16. Who will own the copyright of the photographs?
The person who took the photograph. We retain the right to use your photo on the website, social media and on other publicity including printed material and the exhibition itself if we choose to. There will be no financial compensation for such usage. 
17. Who is the organiser?
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