Multiple award-winning documentary filmmaker/investigative journalist and human rights activist based in KL, Malaysia. Her documentary film "Bou" looks at the abuses that Rohingya children fleeing genocide in Myanmar are subject to at the hands of human traffickers.
We invited Mahi Ramakrishnan to submit some of her own images in support of the competition and to help build awareness. These do not form part of the competition.
"These photos were taken at different Internally Displaced Peoples Camps in Sittwe, Burma, in 2013. These  Rohingya have suffered persecution under the Burmese military, and continue to face sexual and physical abuse in these camps. There is also a scarcity of food, clean water and access to medicine. Still,  these people soldier on, fighting to get their stories out to the world. The situation in Burma and these camps have become progressively worse since then."
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