Alexander Treves has been photographing refugees and other people displaced by conflict or persecution. His photographic work extends to over 20 countries.
We invited Alexander Treves to submit some of his own images in support of the competition and to help build awareness. These do not form part of the competition.

Madrasa in Delhi, India

"For some years now, in my spare time, I've been photographing refugees and other people displaced by conflict or persecution - so far in over 20 countries.  The story behind every individual refugee is important, but the plight of the Rohingya people stands out for the scale of their persecution and for the fact that it seems to be happening in plain sight.
The above photo was taken in a rough brick building by a swamp in Delhi, India.  Rohingya families lived in shacks in the area.  The infrastructure was very basic indeed.  In the classroom ceiling fans were hanging at just the right height to hit me in the temple: avoiding injury was somewhat miraculous."

Madrasa in Kuala Lumpur Malayia

Madrasa in Malaysia

"When I met the Rohingya community in Malaysia, it was quite a tolerant home for refugees from this persecuted Muslim group."
"In the final photo a Rohingya girl dances in the stairwell of the tenement that her family lives in, in a more urban - but still very poor - area of Delhi.  The community was being threatened with deportation back to Myanmar - the country which was persecuting them.
All four photographs show children.  If these photos tell me anything it's that kids everywhere love to learn, if only they're given the opportunity. They were born into their circumstances and they deserve better. "
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